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Making Space Work

At OVI we believe in keeping things simple. We create beautifully handmade bespoke furniture that fit your needs and spaces perfectly. We are design and customer led with no ‘standard options’ offering a tailored solution with no compromises.

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OVI fitted furniture is handmade in the UK, lacquered in your colour and installed in 4-6 weeks following a home survey and design consultancy.

We do not have faux sales with special extra discounts, we promise our clients to offer best value always. We will match any like for like quotation.

Ovi's Story

Ovidiu Cindea ‘Ovi’ learned his trade as a child in the Bogata Forest, watching and learning his skills from his Grandfather who was a Forester and Hunter.

Growing up in the surround areas of the Bogata Forest, Ovi spent many nights in the forest with his Brothers and Cousins helping his Grandfather manage over 21,000 square acres of forest. After completing his schooling Ovi started a career programming and operating complex CNC machines whilst continuing to work with his Grandfather in his spare time and honing his craft as a Carpenter.

In 2003 Ovi moved to the UK and decided he would make the permanent transition to carpentry work and has not looked back.

Ovi London has gone from strength to strength and has become a recognised brand within residential developments having produced work for BTL Properties, Keever Design and Wilben Developments. Ovi has not taken a step back from what he loves and continues to build his own projects whilst ensuring that his team of carpenters are working to his exacting standards.

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